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1959 Continental Mark IV Closed Roof Bolero Red in 1:43 scale


This is the 1959 Continental Mark IV Closed roof Bolero Red in 1:43 scale by GLM.

The 1959 Continental Mark IV Closed Roof in Bolero Red was a true standout in the automotive industry of its time. Its distinctive design, characterized by elegant lines and a bold chrome-accented grille, immediately caught the eye. What truly set it apart, however, was its advanced engineering and innovative features. Equipped with a powerful V8 engine, it offered a smooth and refined ride, making it one of the most comfortable luxury cars of its era. Inside, passengers were treated to a lavish interior featuring sumptuous leather seats and cutting-edge amenities like power windows and air conditioning, setting new standards for luxury. The Mark IV was more than just a car; it was a symbol of prestige and sophistication, embodying the pinnacle of automotive excellence in the late 1950s.

Excellent quality and finish. Beautifully crafted and exquisitely detailed. Models are hand
painted, decorated and assembled. Beautiful detail and accuracy of shape and scale. Photo
etched parts, die-cutting, tampo printing and waterslide decals are also used. Each model
comes with its own acrylic display case.