Koenigsegg CCX Diecast Model

  • Retail Price: $204.95
  • Our Price: $189.95
  • Out of Production
AutoArt  Koenigsegg CCX diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: Koenigsegg
  • Code: AA79001
  • Model: CCX
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Orange

They call it the CCX for Competition Coupe 10; a very underwhelming name for such a breathtaking vehicle. Better would be some name like Thor’s Hammer or Lucifer’s Angel as this car, and this model, seem ready to rev up a little hell on earth. Let’s chat about the evidence…

The dramatic shape seems carved out of a solid block with a liquid color the Koenigsegg folks term orange amber. It features dramatic lines – the big dual cowls sweeping off the back like some forgotten 1930’s Mercedes prototype. I personally like it sans top because with top is has the look of a Scarab (the insect, not the car Bill Bennett goes on about). The good news is AUTO art gives you the choice, top on, top off display as you like.

The unique Dihedral Synchrohelix door system - a fancy way of saying the doors pull out then flip forward -are clever and maneuvered easily. This bit of magic is conjured up with metal rigging so you can have fun and be assured of durability.

The true hammer of Thor is the V8 DOHC engine capable of 806 bhp. Of course it is cloaked in the requisite supercar modesty panels (in this case, carbon fiber), but it has more detail than most modern power plants. The fact that it’s nested between the active suspension and a fully formed firewall makes lifting the rear deck a viewing treat. The mechanical metal support struts for both front and back bonnets are solid and supportive as they should be with models at this investment level.

Some of our more high-brow collectors might not think of much of finger fun, but I’m here to tell you that the functional opening free-for-all means this car displays well in several “pocket knife” type positions. Anything you find plain about the shape itself goes away as you make it your personal Transformer. Yes, I’m a grown man. Allegedly.

The model comes with the all the AUTO art Signature series accoutrements you have come to expect: it's double boxed with a brochure on the car and a Certificate of Authenticity stamped with the serial number for this limited edition. It has phenomenal lenses, badges and even good brake detail replete with rubber cooling pipes.

The tires, which should be Michelins, go unbranded yet are treaded realistically. The interior seems competent – nothing flashy but not just capable either, accented with a tasty Chrono instrument cluster. Made up of seemingly equal parts carbon fiber, Kevlar, leather and nickel or chrome plated metal, it’s sufficiently sci-fi avant-garde compared to your run of the mill 9-5 commuter car.

The orange amber color is truly and deeply mad. And tough to photograph.

I searched this model over looking for something to complain about so this didn’t sound like a paid advertisement. I looked long and hard and found it; the wiper! It looks overtly and unapologetically plastic. But even it is articulated pretty darn well. Lemme see....

Oh, it doesn’t come with the fitted luggage. See, I knew we’d find something to grouse about.

So here is a modern Scandinavian marvel, sans luggage, awaiting your beck and call. We’re talking AUTO art’s Signature range here so it’s not exactly cheap at a suggested retail of $180 per copy. For that you better be getting something pretty darn special. Given that there are 294 separate metal and plastic parts, including photo-etched plates, metal wiring, screws and nuts, etc. it's fair to say you do.

If I were you I’d order one. You wouldn’t want to make Thor angry now, would you?

-Rusty Hurley

  • Retail Price: $204.95
  • Our Price: $189.95
  • Out of Production

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