Lamborghini Miura SV Diecast Model

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AutoArt  Lamborghini Miura SV diecast car
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: Lamborghini
  • Code: AA54542
  • Model: Miura SV
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Color: Orange
  • Points to redeem: 2,250
  • Note: Opening hood, doors, trunk

AutoArt makes another step forward with its new Signature Series. These models feature something that I do not usually care for in 1:43rd scale, opening parts. But with the new car in this series, AutoArt has, literally, opened new horizons in the diecast model industry. The shut lines, usually a stumbling block in this scale are close to amazing. The car in question is a Lamborghini Miura SV.

The first Lamborghini’s appeared in 1963, produced by an Italian tractor company. The Miura series replaced the original car in 1996. There was Miura S and finally the Miura SV made from 1971 to 1972. Only 794 of the Miura were made with 150 being SV’s. They were powered by a 238 cubic-inch V12 engine, producing 385 horsepower in the SV model. Top speed was 171 mph and 0-60 took 6.7 seconds.

It would take a great model to do this fine car justice and AutoArt has done just that. The entire front trunk opens revealing the spare tire, a fuel tank, and a radiator with twin fans. Pipes under the side sills carry cooling air back to the rear engine compartment. Both doors open wide to reveal the brown leather interior, the console, and the three-spoke steering wheel with the Lamborghini logo on the wheel’s hub.

The rear section opens revealing the transverse-mounted V12 engine with twin covers over each bank of Weber carburetors. A small trunk opens beneath the rear section. Surprises are found under the chassis so be careful when you take out your model because there is a magnifier and polishing cloth together with a Certificate of Authenticity hidden there.

This perfectly finished Orange beauty is also available in Yellow, Red, and Blue. All this detail doesn’t come without some cost. Price for the model is $122.95 and it is well worth it. Best of all the Signature Series Lamborghini Miura SV’s are now available from our own Legacy Motors.

-Dick Browne

  • Our Price: $157.49
  • In Stock
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