McLaren F1 in Jet Black by Auto Art in 1:43 Scale

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AutoArt  McLaren F1 diecast car
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: McLaren
  • Code: AA56002
  • Model: F1
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Color: Jet Black Metallic/Metallic Black
  • Points to redeem: 2,542

Recently I was watching a rerun of an episode of Top Gear, on which Rowan Atkinson (“Mr. Bean”) was the invited guest. During the interview, it came out that he was a proud owner of a McLaren F1, and actually drove it regularly. He is one of the lucky few, or at least was – he crashed it in 2011. Only 64 production road cars were ever built. Add the prototypes, F1 LMs, F1 GTs, and F1 GTRs made for racing, and the total comes to a mere 106.

In the mid- to late-90’s this was THE supercar to own, blowing away the exotics from Ferrari and Lamborghini. Designed by Gordon Murray and McLaren Automotive, the intent was to give the driver an F1 experience in a tractable road car. Hence, the unusual 3-seat layout, where the driver sits in a slightly forward central seat, with passengers on either side. Power comes from a BMW-designed 627-horsepower V12 located behind the driver. Acceleration from zero to 60 came in at 3.2 seconds, and in 1998 it was confirmed as the world’s fastest road car at 240 mph (a 5-year old prototype hit 243 mph). These numbers took a while to be eclipsed, ultimately by a Bugatti Veyron.

AUTOart certainly gives this supercar its due. The fifth in their 1:43 Signature series (following the D-Type Jaguar and a trio of Lamborghinis), the model is chock full of features. Inside the box buyers will find instructions on how to open the eight body panels, a tool with magnifying glass to help with this task, polishing cloth, and brochure on the actual car and model (wherein I found out there are 198 separate parts – good thing this wasn’t a kit!) Previously released in silver, No. AA56002 is in Jet Black Metallic. At first I didn’t think it was metallic since I was viewing the model in ordinary indoor lighting. But shine a flashlight on it or take it out into the bright sun and the reflective particles appear – they must be near scale-perfect.

The overall shape appears dead-on. Operating features include poseable front wheels, front compartment cover, doors, side luggage compartments, rear engine and exhaust covers, and rear speed-actuated spoiler. Most of the hinged features have tiny magnets to keep them shut (therefore the need for the little supplied tool). And taped underneath the display case is a set of 5 fitted luggage pieces that can be stowed in the side compartments. The rear McLaren logo and front spoilers separately attached ahead of the front wheels are just some examples of little added details.

Details are also incredible in the front compartment, interior, and engine compartments. The cockpit floor is flocked to represent carpet. The central seat stands out with its multi-point racing harness on top of orange upholstery, again to give the driver that feeling of an F1 ride. Gauges are readable, once you get just the right angle to see in, but it is difficult because the panel ‘glass’ has been replicated. The engine is wired and plumbed, and with the aid of magnification you can read “BMW M Power” on the valve covers. The second engine panel covers the exhaust system. The front compartment contains a battery and what I assume is the stereo sub-woofer – you can read “Kenwood” on it. Awesome!

A real F1 is a great investment (assuming you keep from wrecking it). While selling originally for a bit under $1M, Chassis 066 sold at Pebble Beach last year for $8.47M. The cost of this AUTOart is a much more affordable alternative. And who knows – perhaps it will appreciate with time as well.

-Harvey Goranson

  • Our Price: $177.95
  • In Stock

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