McLaren F1 Short Tail Road Car Diecast Model

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AutoArt  McLaren F1 Short Tail Road Car diecast car
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: McLaren
  • Code: AA76003
  • Model: F1 Short Tail Road Car
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Platinum Silver/Metallic Grey

AUTOart's McLaren F1 Short Tail Road Car

There are countless motorsport icons over the course of the last century that were admired by auto enthusiasts the world over. You know the names: Ferrari, Bugatti, and Porsche to name a few. Still, only a few models from these revered namesakes are collectively classified as supercars. The F40, EB110, and 959 come to mind. Since the 1980s, it seems that supercars started to evolve more rapidly in an effort to claim fastest in the world. In 1992, Gordon Murray introduced the world to the McLaren F1 short tail road car, the fastest normally aspirated production road car made. By definition, supercars are some of the most powerful road cars in the world. It’s the raw power and speed that makes them super. However, supercars aren’t just fast and powerful; they’re beautifully designed with elements and technology not found on your average sports car.

So what makes the McLaren F1 short tail road car a supercar? To start, the McLaren F1 featured butterfly doors that opened up and out, and allowed the driver to control the vehicle from the center third seat. It featured a never before seen carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) moncoque chassis and was made out of materials like titanium, gold, magnesium, aluminum, and Kevlar. Most important, was the BMW-built naturally aspirated 6.1 liter 60-degree V12 engine made especially for the Mclaren F1. With a compression ratio of 11:1, the road car produced 627 horsepower at 7,400 rpm and 480 ft-lb of torque at 5,600 rpm. Only 106 McLaren F1’s were built during their production from 1992 to 1998, of which 64 were non-prototype short tail road cars like the one replicated here. There were three different race varieties; the LM, GT, and most popular, the GTR with 28 racing variants produced.

AUTOart rapidly approaches super star status of its own with this release. At $260, it definitely pays homage to the original’s $970,000 price. For a car like this, The Supercar, you want a model that is a true testament to the original. So much technology and passion went into making this car that you want it to adequately represent those elements. The McLaren F1 Short Tail road car sets a new bar for AUTOart. I hope this is the beginning of what we should expect to see in their future Signature releases. The authentic magnesium silver paint is applied perfectly throughout. From the gold foiled engine bay and exhaust compartment to the custom made Kenwood CD player, it’s all here down to the tiny mesh screen vents found throughout the model. Another noticeable improvement to this release is the working suspension, something I haven’t seen from AUTOart before.

Everywhere you look on this car; you can’t help but stare in amazement at the build quality and fine details that go into making the AUTOart McLaren F1 a great model. Starting with the front of the model, the quad-headlamps are encased beneath super clear lenses. The McLaren badge is easy to read without any distortion, a noticeable improvement I’ve also noticed in recent AUTOart releases. Lift up the front storage compartment and you’ll find the custom made Kenwood compact disc changer. The McLaren F1 featured 17” five-spoke center locking cast magnesium painted wheels with a magnesium retention pin, which AUTOart has so wonderfully replicated here. Behind these excellent crafted wheels, you’ll find huge cross drilled ventilated disc brakes with gold colored Brembo calipers and red script.

The McLaren F1’s doors were of the butterfly type, in that they opened up and out. AUTOart has replicated the function of the McLaren F1’s doors with superb accuracy and construction. The doors open up and out on precision hinges built into the body of the model. Inside the cabin is the famed McLaren F1 three seat cockpit with center mounted driving position slightly forward of the two passenger seats. It seems that AUTOart packed a few more details than normal into the McLaren F1 short tail’s interior and it makes for a great presentation. Just behind the passenger seats are side opening luggage compartments complete with removable custom made suitcases. The steering on the McLaren F1 replica is smooth but controlled with no sticking or clicking noises sometimes evident on other models.

Of course the pièce de résistance is the McLaren F1’s massive mid-mounted BMW powered 60 degree V12 engine. And it shows off beautifully under the framed glass canopy. The valve covers feature McLaren and BMW script on opposite sides and the air intake channels come down from the center roof mounted air intake vent to direct high pressure to the engine compartment. This is an outstanding model and a highly recommended release. It incorporates the best of what AUTOart has to offer and should have a place alongside other supercars and race cars in your collection. The replica is a part of their Signature series, and comes enclosed in a black sleeve with gray Styrofoam encasement and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity from Gateway AUTOart Limited that certifies this is an official replica of the McLaren F1 in magnesium silver authorized by the McLaren Group Limited. It is available for order through Legacy Motors.

-Bryan Miranda

  • Retail Price: $260.00
  • Our Price: $244.95
  • Out of Stock

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