Men's Ford GT Chronograph Watch - Solid Stainless Steel Cas…

  • Our Price: $119.95
  • Out of Production
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  • Note: Chronograph; water resistant case

Chronograph; water resistant case; 3 year limited warranty; collectible gift box included.

Looking for a watch for men that will thrill any man of any age?

In 2005, Ford reincarnated the Ford GT40 as the Ford GT.  In design and performance, the GT was inspired by the Le Mans conqueror of 40 years ago. But it turned out, you don't have to be Dan Gurney to drive it across town. Nor be the beneficiary of a trust fund to afford one.

Transport yourself onto a track with a Ford GT flashing onto a straightaway off a distant high banking.  Streaking toward you now with that unforgettable shark prow, a blur of scoops and flares. Your ears pick up the faint whoosh of a pressure wave, a wedge ripping across the asphalt.  Its speed is as disconcerting as it is breathtaking.  In an instant, the Ford GT screams past us in an explosion of sound and fury.

For all of its race car performance, the Ford GT wins wide acclaim for its civilized handling and drivability.

This is the perfect watch for a man who admires brilliant strength and performance, but also poise and prowess.

  • Our Price: $119.95
  • Out of Production

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