Mercedes-Benz Racing Car Transporter LO 2750 1:18 Scale

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CMC 1934 Mercedes-Benz Racing Car Transporter LO 2750, 1934-38 diecast car
  • Year: 1934
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Mercedes-Benz
  • Code: CMC144
  • Model: Racing Car Transporter LO 2750, 1934-38
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Points to redeem: 9,823

Driving on my way to work one day, I saw the Corvette Racing hauler. It was as spit and polished as you would expect from a world-class racing program. And like spotting the tour bus of a rock star, it animated a dull commute with unplanned fire and sparkle.

That the hauler was well-presented on a given Tuesday morning as a C-7R lined up on the grid at Le Mans on race day, isn’t a surprise. We live in a world where everything associated with your race car, needs to represent the pinnacle of experience. So, it follows that the thing that takes your race car from event to event becomes a rolling billboard for a performance brand. That’s nothing new under the sun, but an important reason why CMC would model the Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 race transporter in 1/18 scale.

The fleet of Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 transporters was the rolling stock for getting Mercedes futuristic 1930's fleet of dominant Grand Prix machines across Europe. The LO 2750 underscored not only brand performance, but in the minds of many Germans, that their entire country was made of superior stuff.

The LO 2750 in iconic Mercedes blue was a stage for dreams of speed. With the canvas cover unmoored from the frame and side boards and tailgate lowered, the LO 2750 fleet would literally elevate and stage the gleaming Silver Arrows above the crowds that would inevitably gather to see them.

For years, we’ve enjoyed the CMC model of the Mercedes-Benz Fast Transporter and this new entry adds to the fun.

Like any CMC replica, the parts list is intimidating at 2,365 parts of which 1,991 are metal. While there a few plastics about, there’s no sign of the resin revolution here.

The remarkable feature about that figure is that the LO 2750 doesn’t have the components that usually inflate a parts count. There are no hand threaded spoke wheels. Instead there are rugged truck hubs. The 4 cylinder, OM65 doesn’t have complex engine wiring – though it is nicely plumbed and modeled beneath the detachable, cantilevered bonnet.

The extra deliciousness factor is the cloth, brass, leather and wood that make up the body of the truck. The system of leather and rope that secure the canvas cover to the truck is an astonishing modeling achievement.

The cab interior has a functional handbrake and its the metal dash with readable gauges to the most obscure portions of the chassis. Underneath the massive truck bed are two removable, full-size spare tires, working drive train and detailed suspension.

The truck bed consists of genuine wood planks and metal ramp extensions that have a unique hold-down system.

Any Silver Arrow (or open wheel model) of your choice can be secured to the bed with the intricate working cable clasps and turn buckles. The sides of the truck bed can lowered on hinges.

In other words there’s a reason the CMC Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 comes with 9 pages of instructions on how to unpack, display and manipulate this blue monster featuring gentle German reminders such as Achtung! Reassembling the tarpaulin is a time consuming and challenging procedure!

That said if you’re a fan of finger fun this model tags all the bases. Anything that should be adjustable is, from filler caps (including the Mercedes-Star filler cap), to tool boxes. Something as mundane as the cab interior is another party spot for us fiddly types, featuring a hinged windscreen and leather bench seats that with a nudge exposes even more room for parts, tools or lunch boxes. Rear reflectors and side indicators (or as our German friends prefer to call them, winkers), can adjustable so they facilitate moving the cars or accessing spare tires.)

In summary, CMC gets how to model transporters better than the competition. When you get this model, be prepared for a full day of assembly and exploring all the in and outs of the amazing detail they put in your hands. You also might want to consider the beautiful glass case sold separately here. If you want a model that is historically accurate and will challenge your imagination on several levels it's hard to imagine a better choice!

-Rusty Hurley

  • Retail Price: $764.00
  • Our Price: $687.60
  • In Stock

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