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1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 S Light Blue in 1:18 scale


This is the 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 S Diecast Model in Light Blue in 1:18 scale by Norev. 

The 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 S is a classic luxury sedan that was produced from 1959 to 1965. It was powered by a 2.2-liter inline-6 engine that produced 115 horsepower. The 220 S was known for its smooth ride, comfortable interior, and elegant styling.

The 220 S was available in a variety of colors, including black, white, silver, and beige. It could be ordered with a manual or automatic transmission. Standard features included power windows, a sunroof, and a Becker radio.

The 220 S was a popular car among celebrities and business leaders. It was also a favorite of police departments, who used it as a patrol car.

Today, the 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 S is a sought-after classic car. Well-maintained examples can sell for upwards of $20,000.

Here are some of the features of the 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 S:

  • 2.2-liter inline-6 engine
  • 115 horsepower
  • 4-speed manual transmission (optional automatic)
  • Power windows
  • Sunroof
  • Becker radio
  • Elegant styling
  • Comfortable interior
  • Smooth ride