Pagani Huayra Diecast Model

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AutoArt  Pagani Huayra diecast car
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: Pagani
  • Code: AA78268
  • Model: Huayra
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Red

There is nothing like a Pagani. That’s due to the vision of one man, Horacio Pagani. Pagani is one of those once a generation visionaries like an Ettore Bugatti. He has a vision and builds cars to that vision, one brilliant model at a time. He’s an artist, not an industrialist. Not a man who wants to build a massive fleet of cars for everyman like Henry Ford or even Elon Musk. VW builds Bugattis. Pagani builds only Pagani.

Pagani is primarily known for two remarkable hypercars the Zonda and the Huayra, and if you’re wondering, pronunciation of the latter is “Why-Ra”, named for Wayra-tata, which means "God of the winds" in Quechua, the official language of the Inca Empire. The Huayra goes like the wind - or more like a whirlwind. It has the same power to torque ratio as Bugatti Veyron SS. It has a unique active aero system and is held to the ground during high speed cornering by flaps in the front and rear that deploy based on…well…what the car senses you need. These flaps are move-able though not truly pose-able on the model, a nice touch by AUTO art. The car has a very clean look because the active aero system negates the need for a spoiler.

Like the Zonda before it, the interior is something of a Flash Gordon-Steampunk design. It’s a look of the past from the future, much of it carved from solid pieces of aluminum. The body is primarily crafted from a newly forged material, carbonium, a hybrid of aluminum, carbon fiber and magic. It may as well be unobtainium to to most of us. The backbone of the car is the carbon fiber contrasting the fiery red paint. And we haven’t gotten to the best part, that being the way the car opens like some sort of transformer or maybe a better example is a flower; gull wing doors and hydraulic bonnets push to present an exploded view. I can’t recall anything quite like it.

Two years ago, my model of the year was AUTO art’s version of the Pagani Zonda R. This one is better. Maybe it is just a better car to model, but that would be selling the improvement in execution short. Simply put, the AUTO art Huayra in 1/18 scale Signature edition is just spectacular. There are 672 parts, with 318 of them metal. What’s not metal is meticulously crafted, be it the textured headlights/tail lights or the faux carbon fiber,

There is the alluring red paint with gold highlights that seems as deep as the ocean. The active aero system flaps, front and rear, are individually movable. Dramatically, all the doors and bonnets can be positioned open using a remarkable system of miniature struts. The interior captures all the billet and leather detail on the dash with remarkable clarity. Speaking of working parts, a rarity for AUTO art is the working suspension and I really like the the wicked yellow springs in the rear. The opening storage compartments are begging for 1/18 luggage.

The wheels and tires set the stance of the model beautifully. It would be nice to have Pirelli branded tires like the original, but the wheels are fabulous and the Brembo brakes are branded. The eye shaped rear view mirrors, very reminiscent of the Zonda, come packaged separately and could be left off the model to emphasize it’s aerodynamic profile. But what the heck, I think they make the car look like some giant robot insect from the future. If that future is on, say, Jupiter...

The whole model is presented in AUTO art’s Signature black box and styrofoam box. including a LE certificate. Overall this is a fantastic package, and one of the best, if not the best supercar models available in the sub $400 category.

Well done, Horacio…

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $349.00
  • Out of Stock

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