1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B Roadster in 1:43 by Esval

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Esval 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B Roadster diecast car
  • Year: 1930
  • Brand: Esval
  • Make: Pierce-Arrow
  • Code: EMUS43006A
  • Model: Model B Roadster
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Color: Maroon/Red
  • Points to redeem: 1,414

Esval Models do not appear as often as we might like but they are always worth waiting for. The new 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B roadsters certainly emphasize that thought. Mine have just arrived and definitely were worth the wait.

Pierce-Arrow goes all the way back to 1865 when three partners founded a company to make household items and gilded bird cages. Norman Pierce bought out his partners in 1872 and added a line of bicycles in 1896. These are often seen at Pierce-Arrow car gatherings. The first car was a one-cylinder Motorette in 1901, followed by a two-cylinder in 1903. The company decided to go after the luxury market with larger, four-cylinder cars, in 1904. George Pierce sold out his interest in the company in 1907.

When President Taft motorized the White House in 1909, two of the cars were Pierce-Arrow’s. In 1910 a large capacity six-cylinder replaced the four. Pierce-Arrow’s long-time feature, headlights faired partially into the front fenders were added in 1914, although free standing lights were also available but few were ordered. Studebaker gained control of the company in 1928, a relationship that lasted only until 1933. In 1929 a straight eight replaced the six. As a luxury maker with no cheaper cars to help the balance sheet, Pierce-Arrow was gone in 1938.

The 1930 B Series is powered by an eight-cylinder 366 cubic-inch engine producing 125 horsepower. It sold for $2,975, not a cheap price in 1930. The Esval model of this car is flawlessly painted in red with maroon fenders and spare tire covers. If you like detail in your models, this one is for you. The archer hood ornament, fender-top headlights, wire wheels, white sidewall tires, dual side mounts, and rear-mounted trunks are all included and well-defined. The tan interior has straps holding the top cover in place. A golf club door appears on the passenger side as do two steps up to the rumble seat. The 134-inch wheelbase is correct for this car.

A sister model, in white with beige trim and the top up is also available. This will be covered in more detail in a separate review. Both of these beautiful models are available for only $99 from Legacy Motors and other fine dealers. Only 500 of each version have been made.

-Dick Browne

  • Our Price: $99.00
  • In Stock

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