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1931 Duesenberg J Murphy 'Whittell' Coupe Model Car in 1:43 Scale by Ilario


Since 1984, Illario makes miniature car models in the traditional way in small series. Assembled with the utmost care and composed of more than 170 parts, these models will satisfy the most demanding collector and bring tangible value to their collection. They are supplied in a luxury box with a transparent window attached to a leather base and precious wood.

The Duesenberg Model J Coupe Whittell 1931, sold by Gooding & Co. at Monterey in 2011 to a whopping $ 10,340,000 was one of six Duesenberg that belonged to George Whittell Jr. This is the highest price ever paid for an American car in the world and the highest price ever paid for an American car auction!

The two seater coupe was designed on a long frame by Frank Hershey Murphy Coach Builders who later became the father of the design of the Ford Thunderbird.