Shelby GT-500KR Fastback- Signed Nbr Limited Edition of 3500

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Franklin Mint 1968 Shelby GT-500KR Fastback- Signed Nbr Limited Edition of 3500 diecast car
  • Year: 1968
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Shelby
  • Code: C586
  • Model: GT-500KR Fastback- Signed Nbr Limited Edition…
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Points to redeem: 5,571
  • Note: Hand Signed by Carroll Shelby

Have you wondered what the “KR” stands for on this rendition of Shelby’s GT or do you already know? If you don’t, I’ll keep you guessing just a little while longer. Personally, I wonder if FM applied the fixed antenna to the replica before or after Mr. Shelby signed the trunk lid. I’m still searching to see if I can find a drop of his blood on it. I’m sure you would agree that we could use a man like Carroll Shelby in the auto industry for another 80 plus years. If enough people chip in, maybe we could get ‘ol Shelby cloned if I succeed in finding his DNA on that dagger-like appendage. In reality, Mr. Shelby probably only signed trunk lids as someone handed them to him.

Franklin Mint did some really good work on this new tooling and unfortunately, some not so good work. The stance of the model is high, especially up front. These GT cars did not sit as low as some of the newer cars do today but I think the model is too high for scale. The fit, on the other hand, is excellent for doors, trunk and hood. The doors line up well with body lines and close fully. Yes, the dog leg hinges are used. They are painted body color and are low so they are not too conspicuous in the dark interior. Speaking of the paint, the Dark Green finish is smooth, glossy and very complimentary to the car’s overall shape and appearance. FM did a fine job of including chrome windshield and rear fastback glass frame trim and they painted the roof’s drip moldings and wheel well arches silver for a nice contrasting look. But doggone if they didn’t leave out the vent window glass like they did in the old days.

The interior must be considered a high point in the fabrication. All detail on the dash and console is appreciated and the roll cage is fashioned like the genuine article. Leather seat belts are harnessed to the top bar and run under the folding seatbacks and on to the front seats. The side scoops and hood scoops are detailed well and the tampo prints of, “Shelby”, fore and aft and the Cobra Jet 428 declarations on the front fenders, add nice touches. The wheels are highly detailed and bear the Shelby American insignia and the tires are lettered appropriately. The model does not come with all the accoutrements that accompanied the signed edition of FM’s 1965 Shelby GT350, but it doesn’t sell for half a grand either. Carroll Shelby's signature, incidentally, is upside-down on some models compared to the previous signature car. FM tells me that they sent the trunk lids to Mr. Shelby in nearly equal batches and he signed them at varying times - thus the position of the signature may be changed dependent on which batch he was working on. After the product was fully assembled it became almost impossible to determine what amount of signatures were oriented in either direction. The signature itself is in silver. The limited edition plate is affixed to the well detailed chassis. The suspension works on actual springs and may be a reason why the model sits so high. The under-hood and under-trunk details are excellent and worthy of Mr. Shelby’s approval, I’m sure.

The model may have minor flaws in a couple of areas but overall it presents a very positive image of a classic piece of automotive history. Oh yeah, the KR stands for King of the Road – really, it does. The issue price is $195.

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $389.95
  • In Stock

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