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George Barris Dragula in Gold in 1:18 scale by Auto World


This is the George Barris Dragula in Gold in 1:18 scale by Auto World. 

Features Include:
• Opening hood
• Accurate interior and chassis
• Steerable front wheels
• Detailed engine

he George Barris Dragula is a fictional car that appeared in the 1960s sitcom The Munsters. It was built by Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis) as a drag racing car, and was only featured in one episode of the show, "Hot Rod Herman." However, it became a popular character in its own right, and has been featured in numerous merchandise and other media.

The Dragula is a modified 1957 Ford Coupe that has been fitted with a fiberglass body made to look like a coffin. It has a 350-horsepower Ford Mustang engine, and is equipped with four exhaust pipes that are shaped like organ pipes. The car also has a number of other spooky features, including a tombstone on the front with the inscription "Born 1367, Died ?", and a driver's seat that is located in the rear of the car, under a plastic bubble.

The Dragula was designed by George Barris, who was also responsible for creating the Munster Koach, another iconic car from The Munsters. The Dragula has become a cult classic, and is often seen as one of the most memorable cars in television history.

In recent years, there have been a number of replicas of the Dragula built. These replicas are often used in car shows and other events, and they continue to be popular among fans of The Munsters.

Here are some additional facts about the George Barris Dragula:

  • The car's name is a reference to the 1955 song "Dragula" by The Cartones.
  • The Dragula was originally supposed to be a hearse, but Barris decided to change it to a coffin for a more dramatic effect.
  • The car's organ-pipe exhaust was inspired by the sound of a jet engine.
  • The Dragula was only featured in one episode of The Munsters, but it was shown in the end credits of every second-season episode.
  • The car was originally owned by Barris Kustom Industries, but it was sold in 2014. The current owner is Alex Taylor, a writer and editor for MotorTrend.

The George Barris Dragula is a unique and iconic car that has captured the imagination of fans of The Munsters for generations. It is a reminder of the show's dark humor and its love of all things spooky.