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Brake disc wine glass charms by AUTOart


This is the Brake disc wine glass charms by AUTOart. 

Put the brakes on somebody stealing your wine glass! AUTOArt’s brake disc wine glass charm comes in four most popularcolored brake calipersfound on supercars and helps party goers identify their own glass of vino.

The caliper and rotor is made of durable die-cast zinc, while the vented 12mm diameter rotor isfitted with a stainless steel plate that has been hand-etched and hand-polished to give the surface a hairline braking texturefor realism.  Itrotates just like an actual brake disc.

The stainless steel rings clip easily to almost any size and shape of glass stemware and will remain shiny through years of use and cleaning. It’s the perfect party accent for car enthusiasts and gearheads.

It comes in a blistered card pack with four different colored calipers.