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This is the DASHBOARD RULER by AUTOart. 

The five-dial instrument cluster is as much a Porsche 911 design icon as the rear boxer engine, the twin headlight tunnels defining the front fenders, and the uniquely sloping roofline. AUTOart celebrates the world’s most recognizable dashboard that had lasted for three and a half decades with ideal accessory for an enthusiast’s home, office, or workshop.

The AUTOart dashboard ruler is hand-crafted from extruded and burnished aluminum, with perfectly straight measuring edges of eight standard inches and 20 metric centimeters. The center features a reproduction of the Porsche’s famous panel with genuine metal trim rings on the dials and a molded finish to replicate the textured surfaces of the real car. You can almost imagine the dials springing to life with the turn of the left-mounted key as you use the ruler for measuring or drawing straight.