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This is the RS BUMPER RULER by AUTOart. 

One of the signature traits of Porsche’s fabulous 911 GT3 RS is its wide stance, especially when viewed from the rear. How wide? AUTOart’s new hand-crafted desk ruler, designed to evoke the famous centrally mounted twin-pipe rear of Porsche’s signature sports model, isn’t quite long enough to measure it. But it is an excellent tool for measuring smaller items or drawing perfectly straight edges in your home, office, or workshop while expressing your passion for Porsche motorsport. Crafted from extruded and burnished aluminum, the ruler measures eight standard inches on one edge and 20 metric centimeters on the opposite edge. The center features a molded composite replica of the 911 GT3 RS rear bumper, complete with metal twin exhaust pipes and mesh vent screens. The AUTOart Porsche 911 GT3 RS ruler comes in an elegant package and is the perfect complement to a racing themed office and an excellent gift for any true enthusiast.