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Sport Caliper Watch - Stainless Steel Disc by AUTOart


This is the Sport Caliper Watch - Stainless Steel Disc by AUTOart. 

AUTOart takes pleasure in announcing the launch of another finely crafted accessory for the automotive enthusiast. Our new Sport Caliper fully automatic wristwatch showcases one of the most important components on any motorcar: its firm and faithful brakes. The timepiece’s exquisitely rendered metal bezel is a miniature six-pot brake caliper clamping a ventilated and cross-drilled brake disc of the kind found on the world’s best sports cars.

Assembled with exceptional care from fine quality materials and with AUTOart’s renowned attention to detail, the watchcase is milled from stainless steel billet, which is then polished by hand. The brake disc is a machined stainless-steel piece and the caliper is cast with aluminum alloy, just as they are on real cars. This special lost-wax casting is then hand-burnished to a glossy finish.

As with more and more exclusive road cars, AUTOart offers the choice of two types of brake discs. A polished stainless-steel finish has the authentic look of metal brake rotors, while our carbon black finish evokes the carbon-composite brake discs used to reduce un-sprung weight and improve fade resistance in racing and on an increasing number of high-end performance cars. On our watch, the carbon black is a durable ionized plating over the stainless-steel disc that ensures the finish will hold up to years of daily wear without marring.

As on a real car, the watch’s brake disc rotates if you spin it. The curved radial air vents are cast just as they are on full-scale brakes, with the ducts open all the way to the center. The cross-drilled holes are created by actually cross drilling each hole, one by one, manually. Then the friction surface is “weathered” by hand with sand paper to create a circular hairline texture simulating the look of real brake discs after hard use.

The 21-jewel automatic movement is 8215 Miyota from Japan, a highly precision self-winding movement that vibrates 21,600 times per hour. Along with highly accurate timekeeping also indicates the date.

The design of the dial face employs 12 screws along the inner edge of the rotor rim, identical to the coupling “bobbins” of a two-piece high-performance brake disc. The positioning of each screw indicates an hour on the watch dial.

A glass window on the back gives a skeleton view of the watch movement and its semi-circular rotor for winding the mainspring.

The traditional watch crown has been relocated to the six o’clock position to be subtler, and adjusting the date and time is a simple matter of pulling the crown out and rotating it, just as you do on most watches. The crown is fitted with an orange-colored silicon band for extra grip. Thus, only one finger is required to make adjustments.

Pressing the two sides of the deployment clasp-type band springs open the two halves. Closing the band is just as easy and familiar to anyone who has owned a luxury timepiece: simply fold back the two levers onto the clasp.

The black rubberized watchband is designed with through-hole ventilation slots on both sides, just as with the air vents of the real brake disc, to keep the wearer’s wrist cool and dry.

Cutting along the sectional groove of the inner watchband allows tailoring of the band to suit the individual’s wrist size. Changing the position of the spring pins among the three holes on each side of the buckle allows further fine adjustment of the band, ensuring a perfect fit.

All AUTOart watches undergo a water-resistance test up to 5 atmospheres, backed up by a one-year factory warranty. To ensure safe, elegant delivery, each watch is carefully packed by hand in a beautiful gift box ornamented by French stitching.