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Vintage racing tire ruler by AUTOart


This is the Vintage racing tire ruler by AUTOart. 

Formula One cars have long run on slicks or grooved tires, but the Grand Prix racers from the 1950’s until late 1960s had unique tire tread patterns that were the best the tire industry could devise at the time. Such distinct patterns are honored by the new AUTOart Racing Tire ruler, which features a strip of black rubber down the middle with a vintage tread pattern that evokes the cars and circuits of the golden age of Grand Prix. The hand-crafted ruler is made from extruded and burnished aluminum, measuring eight standard inches on one edge and 20 metric centimeters on the opposite edge. It is the perfect tool for small measuring jobs or drawing straight edges in a racing-themed home, office, or workshop, and an excellent gift for any fan of racing in the old days.