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Vintage cars and vintage wine have long paired well together in the life of the automotive aficionado. When a bottle of fine red wine comes to your table, often there is sediment on the bottom that is a natural part of the aging process as well as the winemaker’s craft. To prevent this sediment from making it into your glass, the bottle must be handled carefully to avoid stirring up the wine. Connoisseurs of vino worldwide have long used holders that park the bottle at an angle that settles the sediment in a corner where it is less likely to move during handling. French waiters have for generations served red wine bottles laid over in baskets for this very reason. Further, with a bottle holder, the pourer need only raise the bottle from the bottom a few degrees to serve the wine, rather than turning a fully upright bottle almost 90 degrees to pour, which agitates the contents far more. AUTOart now gives motoring enthusiasts a way to serve their vino in a manner that preserves the flavor and purity of the wine while evoking the aluminum construction of their favorite automobiles. In the AUTOart Wine Strut, the strut is made of CNC-milled billet aluminum that recalls the spokes of sporting steering wheels on European classics.  The aluminum U-shape slot is fitted with a tiny rubber block to prevent the bottle neck from sliding.  Moreover, the upright strut unscrews from the billet cut aluminum base for easy storage and transport. The base has also been designed with a convenient place to park the cork. The AUTOart Wine Bottle Strut is hand-made and is the perfect gift for the congnoscenti and gastronome in your house. Height: 110mm (4.3”). Width: 85mm (3.34”).