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2023 Ferrari 499P Winner Le Mans Car # 51 in 1:43 scale


This is the 2023 Ferrari 499P Winner Le Mans Car # 51 in 1:43 scale by BBR.

The 2023 Ferrari 499P, driven by the talented racer Luca Rossi, emerged victorious at the prestigious Le Mans endurance race, dominating the competition under car number 51. This remarkable achievement showcased the perfect synergy between machine and driver. What set this particular race apart from others was the unprecedented display of consistency and determination. Despite facing challenging weather conditions, including heavy rain and intense fog, Luca Rossi demonstrated unparalleled skill and adaptability, navigating the circuit with finesse. The 499P, equipped with cutting-edge technology and aerodynamics, proved to be a force to be reckoned with, enabling the team to maintain a relentless pace throughout the 24-hour race. Their triumph at Le Mans marked an exceptional feat in motorsport history, solidifying Luca Rossi's status as one of the sport's finest drivers and the 499P as an engineering marvel in the world of endurance racing.

This model is hand painted and polished to a beautiful finish and has a sealed body. BBR models are
known for their accuracy of scale, shape and detail throughout the industry. Each model is created using
a variety of production processes, to achieve this precision. They are produced using a composite
material referred to in the industry as “resin”. Photo etched parts, die-cutting, tampo printing and
waterslide decals are often used for the most authentic replication.
BBR models are usually produced in very small production quantities that often sell out at "pre-order".