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Ferrari 250 GTO TEST Monza 1961 Grey in 1:18 scale by BBR


This is the Ferrari 250 GTO TEST Monza 1961 With Display Included Driver Willy Mairesse Stirling Moss in 1:18 scale by BBR. 

The Ferrari 250 GTO was born and developed in all its smallest details for competitive use only.
Enzo Ferrari had this idea in 1960 and asked his chief engineer of the experience department, Giotto Bizzarrini, to create a small sports, light and very fast car by using the 250 liter 3-liter V12 engine, because of the new regulations imposed by the World Championship 1962 which would have taken place only with GT cars.
In a short time and using a "short wheelbase" Ferrari 250 GT, chassis no. 1791 GT, Bizzarrini built a prototype.
This first prototype (initially signed 539/62 Comp., Then 539/64 Comp.) was completed in record time in mid-August and was tested during the 1961 Italian GP in Monza by Willy Mairesse.
This test got excellent results also thanks to the help of Stirling Moss who tested the car during the F1 tests, setting a time of 1 45 "4, such that Enzo Ferrari said" A GT had never been seen in front of the single-seater ".
The model we offer is perfectly replicated, from the interior to the body, to the particular painting.
Never released to 1 :18 scale model.
This prototype gives rise to one or perhaps the only true masterpiece car in the world on four wheels: the Ferrari 250 GTO 1962.
A model that cannot be missing in a Ferrari collection.

Special packaging with diorama Stirling Moss.
Real alluminium dots for the closing of air intaken, they have been placed manually one by one.