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Molinari 4 Punti Motorboat Limited Edition by BBR


This is the Molinari 4 Punti Motorboat Limited Edition 300 Pieces by BBR. 

Starting from 1950, Eugenio Molinari designs and builds the hulls with which he winned 72 world records, the inboard F1 world title in 1980 and the victory in 4 European and Italian championships.
The boats of Cantieri Molinari, for their technology and international fame, are marketed in 26 countries around the world (USA, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland and France are the main ones).
In 2007 BBR and Eugenio Molinari met for the first time to design the Freccia Rossa to 1:18 scale, a motorboat born from the collaboration between Eugenio Molinari and Ferrari , who called him and gave him an engine of the Ferrari F430.
"Come on Eugenio, shatter you another record, the little prancing horse will help you".
The project starts and the record is broken ...
The records were obtained in the Endurance Group B categories S1 and S2 classes, dedicated to Granturismo type boats with a minimum weight, including driver and fuel, of 1100 kg and 1450 kg (the latter with ballast) at an average of 123.288 km / h and 122,035 km / h on the kilometer launched.