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2023 Charles Leclerc Mini Helmet in 1:2-scale


This is the 2023 Charles Leclerc Mini Helmet in 1:2-scale by Bell Racing Helmets.  Size: 1:2 scale (6")
This 1:2-scale mini helmet is an original replica of the HP77 model worn by Charles Leclerc on Formula 1 circuits. Each item comes with a box featuring a dedicated design.

The 2023 HP77 model, worn by Charles Leclerc on Formula 1 circuits, is a standout piece that sets itself apart from its competition in the automotive industry. This racing suit embodies cutting-edge technology and design, offering unparalleled comfort and safety for drivers. The HP77 model showcases a lightweight construction, utilizing advanced materials and ergonomic design elements to optimize performance. It incorporates innovative features such as heat-resistant panels, moisture-wicking fabrics, and enhanced breathability to keep drivers cool and focused during high-intensity races. The suit's aerodynamic profile is carefully crafted to reduce drag and improve overall performance on the track. Additionally, the HP77 model is customized to the specific needs and preferences of Charles Leclerc, ensuring an optimal fit and personalized experience. With its blend of functionality, advanced materials, and attention to detail, the 2023 HP77 model worn by Charles Leclerc stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the automotive industry.


The mini collector's helmet is made and hand painted by the artisans of Bell Racing Helmets in the same factory where Leclerc's racing helmets are produced. The combination of advanced technology and engineering construction makes it possible to reproduce the individual components of the helmet with materials similar to those used for real racing helmets.