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Ford F-450 SD American Force Edition in Blue Galaxy in 1:10 scale


This is the vFord F-450 SD American Force Edition in Blue Galaxy in 1:10 scale by Cen Racing.

The Ford F-450 SD American Force Edition in Blue Galaxy is a remarkable convergence of power and sophistication that reimagines the concept of heavy-duty trucks. The striking Blue Galaxy exterior exudes both elegance and strength, while the American Force Edition introduces bespoke features that elevate its allure. What truly sets this edition apart is its exceptional fusion of immense towing capability and refined luxury. The F-450 SD American Force Edition effortlessly combines the ability to tow substantial loads with an opulent interior boasting premium materials and cutting-edge technology. This edition stands as a testament to Ford's commitment to innovation and exclusivity, offering a harmonious balance between brawn and luxury that firmly distinguishes it from its rivals in the competitive automotive industry.

8984 CEN RACING FORD F450 SD American Force Edition 2.0 - 1/10 RTR CUSTOM TRUCK BLUE GALAXY V2
True 1/10 scale RTR. Body length 26.7 inch (678.18mm) true body scale truck.

* American Force H01  CHROME Contra wheels.

* REALISTIC textured bed linear coating

* 90mm Aluminum pewter anodized shock housing

* Black Anodized lower and upper links

* Anodized shock springs


ESC-40A WP-1040-Brushed (Powered by HobbyWing):
Water-proof and dust-proof for all weather
Built-In Capacitor Module
Automatic throttle range calibration
Low voltage cut-off protection for Li-Po (lithium polymer) and NiMH battery
Over-Heat protection and throttle signal loss protectionEas
ily programmed with jumpers
Motor-RS-550 high Torque Motor - Power By Mabuchi MotorSe
rvo -12Kg Servo O.E.M. by Savox:
4.8V 0.26 sec/60deg 10.0 kg-cm
6.0V 0.23 sec/60deg 12.0 kg-cm
25T Horn Gear Spline
Radio System:
Pistol-Grip AMP 30 3 Channel Transmitter
Digital Trimming
Steering Dual-Rate (ST D/R) Adjustment
End Point Adjustment (EPA)
Built in Failsafe
- Steel Frame Rails
- CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) Chassis Design
- Stamped Steel Shock Hoops
- Steel Skid Plate
- Full Precision Ball Bearing Support
- Adjustable Turnbuckles
- High Torque Servo Horn Safer
- 3 Links Suspension with Panhard Bar Design
- Big Bore Oil Filled Adjustable Coil Over Shocks
- Harden Steel Steering Drag Link
- Aluminum shock housing
- 6mm Aluminum Linkage
- 90mm shock housing
Sway bar included
4 Wheel Drive
Center Shaft Drive Train for more power transferred to the wheels
Highly Efficient Transmission System
Wide Range Easy Changeable Gear Box Design
Sealed transmission eliminates dirt and dust
Sealed Axle housing
5mm Hardened Steel Axle shaft
Differential Center Locker Front/Rear Planetary Gear Type
Metal Transmission Gears
Planetary Gear type Differential
Length: 26.70inch (678.18mm)
Width: 11.41inch (290mm)
Wheelbase: 17.60inch (447mm)
Ground Clearance: 2.52inch (64mm)
Weight: 2.51 lb. 2.5kg