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1957 Ferrari Racing Transporter, Type Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti diecast model by CMC in 1:18 Scale


By the mid-1950s, the Scuderia Ferrari and Scuderia Maserati teams had realized that they needed an appropriate means to transport their race cars to the tracks. It turned out that they decided on an essentially identical vehicle: Both transporters were mounted on a bus-chassis of the same type from Fiat and equipped with an open deck designed by the coachbuilder of Bartoletti to carry three race cars. Their major difference was merely in paintwork and decals.

Indeed, the 1957 Fiat 642 RN2 may well be one of the most famous transporters ever built. Powered by a 92 hp six-cylinder diesel in-line-engine, it was much more than a means of transporting race cars. For its race team, the vehicle was also a work center furnished with living quarters and crew space. Beside transporting race cars, the vehicle also featured a small workshop equipped with tools and spare parts for the weekend races. In addition, a foldaway bed was provided for the crew.

Hand-assembled from 3,115 parts of premier materials, such as genuine leather, stainless steel, rubber, aluminum, zinc alloy, and so on, this replica measures some 50 cm long and weighs 4.5 kg. It looks at its best when loaded with diverse collections of Ferrari race cars, including our Dino 156 F1 Sharknose, 250 GT SWB Berlinetta or Competizione, and various versions of Testa Rossa, each of which will fit perfectly into the M-084 transporter. On display with the full complement of race cars, the transporter is bound to become a centerpiece of your whole collection.

This transporter also provides a new benchmark in functionality. The functional parts are not only limited to its steering wheel, doors, tailgate, and flip-open caps, but also include multiple flaps and covers that open to give access to the storage drawer, batteries, fuel tanks, radiator filler neck, spare-wheel housing, and even the step-holder leading to the ladder.

Two of its many highlights are particularly noteworthy, and they are the auto hoist and the undercarriage. Employing a sophisticated rope mechanism, the auto hoist can be raised and lowered manually to level with the roof or lower deck, or stay put at an intermediate level. The undercarriage is replicated true-to-the-original with a steel frame made of I beams and an authentically-recreated drive train that consists of the engine, gear box, rear axle, and rotary drive shaft. It is also lined with the air-brake pipe system, hydraulic pipes, and cabling.

Last but not least, the driver cabin is unbelievably detailed and furnished with genuine leather seats, pivoting sun visors, exterior mirrors on adjustable arms, an engine cover that can open, and a dashboard complete with instruments and controls.

Other distinct features of M-084 include:

  • Loading ramps that are shelved sidewise with toggle screws when not in use as a ramp
  • Spare wheel removable from its housing that fastens with a working clamp
  • Authentic replication of the front and rear axles with metal leaf-springs
  • Exquisitely-replicated front and rear wheels with authentic Trilex rings and twin tires on the rear wheels
  • Functional drawer with storage space for the six stop-blocks that serve to hold race cars in place on the two loading decks
  • Tailgate with a functional bar-slide latch
  • Brilliant radiator grille, built from polished, individually-mounted metal bars
  • Hinged front cover complete with Fiat logo, which opens to reveal the radiator filler neck with a functional flip-open cap
  • Work station with integrated compartments for spare parts
  • Two-tone red painting complete with all contemporary decals

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