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1957 Fiat Transporter 642 RN2, Bartoletti, Team Maserati in 1:18 Scale


CMC Maserati Racing transporter, Typ Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti, 1957   M-097

By the mid-1950s, the racing teams of Scuderia Ferrari and Scuderia Maserati had realized that they needed an appropriate means to transport their race cars to European race tracks and back to their headquarters. CMC has created the Maserati race-car transporter as a high-end replica, featuring superlative craftsmanship that will take model-making to a completely new height.he 1950s and 1960s are known as an era that witnessed a boom of race car transporters, which are being re-discovered today and held in a high regard. The two similar-looking transporters of the Scuderia Ferrari and Maserati might well be the most famous and technically most mature transporters of those days. They were mounted on Fiat-bus chassis of the type 642 RN2.

With an open body work designed by Bartoletti, the resultant transporter was good for hauling three race cars. At first sight, those two transporters, equipped with a 92 hp diesel in-line-engine, look alike except for paintwork and decals. But upon a closer look, they differ in a considerable number of details.

It`s an exact replica of the Maserati version, just as it was used back in the late 50s till the mid 60s. We are sure you`ll like what we prepared for you.

This official transporter from the Scuderia Maserati from 1957 is a true eye catcher. Especially if it`s loaded with up to three CMC Maserati models. Hand mounted of 2,640 single parts and approx. 50 cm long. A true proof of CMC`s abilities. A countless number of details and a contemporary two tone
painting will match even the highest expectations.

Important note:

The racing car transporter is delivered without a “piggy back” cars.