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Alfa Romeo P3 Clear Finish LE 600 with base and plaque in 1:18 scale


This is the Alfa Romeo P3 Clear Finish LE 600 with base and namplate in 1:18 scale by CMC.

The Alfa Romeo P3 is a legendary racing car renowned for its clear finish. What sets it apart from its competitors in the automotive industry is its innovative aerodynamic design and cutting-edge technology. The clear finish not only showcases the car's sleek lines but also reduces weight, enhancing its performance on the racetrack. This unique feature, combined with the P3's powerful engine and exceptional handling, solidifies its status as an iconic racing car, leaving a lasting impression on both drivers and enthusiasts alike.

Each CMC scale model car is a perfect replication of a historically significant automobile. Every detail of
the 1:1 scale auto is recorded. Not one detail is missed or omitted.
CMC Features include:
Extremely Detailed Engine
Each individual component is neatly mounted by hand
Instruments on the dash are mounted separately
Moveable and Steerable Front Wheels
Floor covering is laid in by hand
Accurate and highly detailed Interior and Chassis
Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood
Allows for mounting and dismounting of wheels with winged central locking nut
Models are painted with the same process used by automakers, Multi-layer and clear coated.
To finish, the model is polished to a luster no less than the original.