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Jaguar C-Type 1953 Golden Livery by CMC 25 Year Ann Edition 1:18 Scale by CMC


CMC Jaguar C-Type 1953 Golden Livery by CMC 25 Year Anniversary Edition

The 25 Years of CMC Classic Model Cars Finest Precision Models of Classic Automobiles Since 1995

CMC Classic Model Cars has overwhelmed the world of collectors and aficionados of classic automobiles with its precision replicas. The year 2020 is special for our company, marking the 25th anniversary in launching the development and production of its own high-end scale models. This success story began with a specialist dealer of scale autos in Stuttgart. Herbert Nickerl, an engineer by profession who was also a keen enthusiast for classic automobiles, and Shuxiao Jia, who came to study management in Germany as a dispatch of the CITIC, jointly ran the business from 1985 onwards, expanding it into a retail-wholesale agent by becoming an importer of model cars manufactured in China.

CMC 1953 Jaguar C-Type Golden Livery Limited Edition (300 Pieces)

Scale:1:18, Production Period: 1951-1953

From the very beginning, Jaguar had long-distance classics in the back of its mind, knowing how influential the marketing effect of a success at Le Mans would be. In the development of the C-Type, Jaguar put a premium on high reliability and good handling characteristics. Accordingly, great importance was attached to the fine-tuning of aerodynamics at high speed. For weight reduction, a tubular chassis was developed. Over the space frame was a thin aluminum body with only one driver´s door. These efforts paved the way for a surprising win at Le Mans in 1951.

The Lightweight model was outfitted with quite a few upgrades. Its engine was equipped with three twin-choke DCO3 40mm Weber carburetors and a fully synchronized gearbox, the body was made of ultra-thin aluminum sheets, and an aircraft-style rubber bag fuel tank was also installed. In addition, the Lightweight C-Type was the first to adopt the innovative Dunlop disc brakes and a servo amplifier for brake pressure assistance. For improved road-holding at Le Mans, the rear-end was reinforced with additional downforce exerted on the tail, and the front got a stronger anti-roll bar.

CMC has meticulously studied XKC 51, the 1953 winner from Circuit de la Sarthe. The result is a CMC-made miniature highlighting the impressive charisma and sporty dynamics of the original. This model is in stock now with limited units place your order today.



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