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Mercedes-Benz racing car transporter Tarpaulin Cover truck diecast model in 1:18 Scale by CMC


Mercedes-Benz racing car transporter truck LO 2750 1934-38.  Tarpaulin Cover.

Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 with Tarpaulin Cover, 1934-1938
Scale 1:18
Item No. M-170
The recommended retail price per model is USD 726.-
As an alternative to the open-top platform truck, we are presenting the truck with a tarpaulin-covered platform in this edition. Made of real linen fabric, the tarpaulin is fastened onto a structural framework of the platform with ropes, hooks, and eyelets as in the case of the original, and the cover is removable.


The classic Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz forever remain highly respected icons of the 1930s. Race cars like the W25, the W125, W154 and the 
W165, but also drivers such as Manfred von Brauchitsch, Rudolf Caracciola and Hermann Lang were at that time in the international racing scene in front. Not quite as prominent, but also strong formative influence on the public image were the racing car carriers. Where the blue truck with the "Mercedes-Benz racing department" appeared, they underlined the impressive commitment to competition of the brand. The replica of a racing transporter of the 1930s, the Mercedes has kindly provided us with CMC, serves as a template for the development and reproduction of the miniature.

The Mercedes-Benz racing car transporter with its 65 hp diesel engine wore in the 1930s their part to the success of the Silver Arrows at by bringing the cars in time for the Grand Prix routes, the supply chain ensured from the work and served as workshop trolley. Sometimes they were also the presentation vehicle. After great successes, they were pulled down with planning the victorious Silver Arrows to the enthusiastic audience. To major races a regular van fleet was in use - but survived, none of the vehicles. The more it is to be an incentive for us to revive in the form of an authentic replica of CMC high-end model, these historic transporters of Mercedes Silver Arrows.