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Cat® 24 Motor Grader in 1:50 scale by Diecast Masters


1:50 Cat® 24 Motor Grader
SKU 85552

Product Dimensions: 13.25 x 5.75 x 3.875 in.

Drawing on the heritage of M Series Motor Graders, the new Cat® 24 Motor Grader delivers high performance for building and maintaining mine roads. The 24 ft (7.3 m) moldboard is ideal for mines that run trucks rated at more than 200 tons payload.

A new modular design means components can be removed and installed up to 70 percent faster. The Cat® C27 engine delivers 535 hp (399 kW) net power and, combined with a 21 inch, six-speed planetary transmission, extends target power train rebuild intervals by up to one-third over previous machines.

Features and Details:
• Detailed cab interior, including operator
• Roof lifts off for cab access
• Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint
• Authentic Cat trade dress
• Front suspension with oscillating and steering wheels
• Oscillating rear tandems
• Detailed auto lubrication system
• Moveable drawbar, circle and moldboard
• Metal handrail around cab platform and on rear fenders
• Full frame articulation
• Rear ripper raises and lowers
• Authentic tire tread design