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Cat® 320F Weathered Excavator in 1:50 scale by Diecast Masters


This is the Cat® 320F Weathered Excavator in 1:50 scale by Diecast Masters by Diecast masters.

Product Dimensions: 7.25 x 2.5 x 4 in.

The professional weathering applied to this machine makes it ready
for any diorama application, or display on the specially designed
realistic dirt base plate.

Features and Details:
  • Realistic hoses and grab rails.
  • Rotates 360° on undercarriage.
  • Realistic weathered metal tracks.
  • Includes dirt base plate for display.
  • Detailed cab interior, including operator.
  • Authentic Cat trade dress and safety decals.
  • Weathered moveable boom, stick, and bucket.
  • Authentic Weathered Cat machine yellow paint.
  • Made of diecast metal with some small plastic parts.


Weathered Series Packaging:
Collectible, full-color-printed flip-top box, wrapped in sleeve, opens to reveal weathered model and dirt base plate. Die-cut foam insert protects model within the box.

The Cat® 320F Excavator is a remarkable machine that stands out in the automotive industry with its exceptional capabilities and cutting-edge features. Renowned for its versatility and power, this excavator is designed to handle a wide range of construction tasks with ease. What sets the Cat 320F apart from its competition is its advanced technology and fuel efficiency. The excavator is equipped with innovative features like ECO mode, which optimizes fuel consumption without compromising on performance, reducing operating costs and environmental impact. Its intuitive control system ensures precise and efficient operation, enabling operators to work with greater accuracy and productivity. The Cat 320F's durable construction, coupled with its advanced hydraulic system, allows it to excel in challenging and demanding job sites. With a focus on fuel efficiency, operator comfort, and unmatched performance, the Cat 320F Excavator is a game-changer in the industry, catering to the needs of construction professionals worldwide.