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Cat 785D Mining Truck in 1:50 scale


This is the Cat 785D Mining Truck in 1:50 scale by Diecast Masters.

The Cat 785D Mining Truck is an engineering marvel that stands head and shoulders above its competition in the automotive industry. What makes it truly unique is its sheer size and capacity. With a mammoth payload capacity of up to 150 tons, it's designed to handle the most demanding mining operations with ease. Its advanced suspension system and powertrain ensure smooth and efficient hauling even in the roughest terrains. Furthermore, its cabin prioritizes operator comfort and safety, making long shifts in challenging conditions more manageable. The Cat 785D represents Caterpillar's commitment to delivering heavy-duty machinery that not only outperforms its competition but also revolutionizes the way large-scale mining operations are carried out.

Features and Details:
· Detailed cab interior including removable operator
· Authentic Cat machine yellow paint
· Authentic Cat Modern Hex Trade dress and safety decals