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1922 Mercedes-Knight 16/45PS sn20190 Open Top in 1:43 scale


This is the 1922 Mercedes-Knight 16/45PS sn20190 Open Top in 1:43 scale by Ilario.

The 1922 Mercedes-Knight 16/45PS sn20190 Open Top was a true gem in the automotive industry of its time. What made it unique was its pioneering Knight sleeve-valve engine, known for its smooth and silent operation. This innovative technology set it apart from its competitors by delivering a refined and whisper-quiet driving experience. The open-top configuration added to its charm, allowing passengers to enjoy the fresh air while reveling in the car's luxurious appointments. With its blend of advanced engineering and elegant design, the Mercedes-Knight 16/45PS stood as a testament to automotive excellence and innovation during the early 1920s.

These models are resin casts mounted with chrome metal parts, delivered in presentation box showcase, with wooden base and precious leather, engraving of the brand and model name. Series in very limited quantities, entirely hand built, painted in original colors. High gloss paint applied by spray. Many photoetched parts, including glass mounted one by one. Very high finish for these beneficially collectibles.