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1959 Aston Martin DBR 1 Winner Le Mans in 1:43 scale


This is the 1959 Aston Martin DBR 1 Winner Le Mans in 1:43 scale by IXO.

The Aston Martin DBR 1, the glorious winner of the 1959 Le Mans race, stands as a testament to automotive excellence and endurance. This iconic car was driven by the skilled duo of Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby. The 1959 Le Mans race holds a special place in motorsport history due to its remarkable circumstances and exceptional performances. What sets this race apart is the intense battle between Aston Martin and Ferrari, which captivated spectators with their fierce rivalry. The Aston Martin DBR 1 showcased exceptional speed, agility, and durability, navigating the grueling 24-hour race with precision and resilience. The victory at the 1959 Le Mans race was Aston Martin's first overall win, marking a significant achievement for the British manufacturer. The race was defined by sheer determination, strategic decision-making, and the relentless pursuit of victory. The Aston Martin DBR 1's triumph at the 1959 Le Mans race represents a watershed moment in motorsport history, solidifying its legacy as an icon of endurance racing and etching its name into the annals of Aston Martin's storied racing heritage.

Excellent quality and finish. Beautifully crafted and exquisitely detailed. Models are hand
painted, decorated and assembled. Beautiful detail and accuracy of shape and scale. Photo
etched parts, die-cutting, tampo printing and waterslide decals are also used. Each model
comes with its own acrylic display case.