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1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 SLC 6.0 AMG C107 White in 1:18 scale


This is the 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 SLC 6.0 AMG C107 White in 1:18 scale by KK Diecast.

The 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SLC 6.0 AMG C107 in White stands as a remarkable testament to automotive ingenuity and luxury. Its pristine white exterior exudes timeless elegance while concealing a wealth of unique features that elevate it above its competition. At the heart of this masterpiece lies the AMG-tuned 6.0-liter V8 engine, a pinnacle of performance engineering that propels the car with unparalleled vigor. This collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and AMG not only delivers astonishing speed but also represents a harmonious marriage of power and refinement. The 500SLC 6.0 AMG's exclusivity is further highlighted by its limited production numbers, making it a rare gem coveted by collectors and enthusiasts. In a league of its own, this model redefines luxury sports coupes, setting new benchmarks in both performance and design within the automotive industry.

This model is hand painted and polished to a beautiful finish and has a sealed body. These diecast
models are exceptionally accurate of scale, shape and detail. Interior detail is hand assembled and easily
visible.Photo etched parts, die-cutting, tampo printing and waterslide decals are often used for a most
authentic replication.