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1926 Pennzoil Tow Truck Yellow Metal Handmade


This is the 1926 Pennzoil Tow Truck Yellow Metal Handmade. 

The tow truck was invented in 1916 by Ernest Holmes, Sr., of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a garage worker inspired after needing blocks, ropes, and six men to pull a car out of a creek. Upon improving his design he began manufacturing them commercially. Our 1926 Pennzoil Tow Truck Yellow model is beautifully handmade out of tin. It features many intricate details such as rolling wheels, big fenders, crane system, unique 1926 license plate, Pennzoil logo on the doors, front grill, headlights, side mirrors, front and rear bumper reinforcement, taillights, and more. A must-have for the tow truck enthusiast!

L: 12 W: 6 H: 7 Inches