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1939 John Deere Model D Tractor Metal Handmade by Old Modern Handicrafts


This is the 1939 John Deere Model D Tractor Metal Handmade. 

The John Deere Model D was a popular tractor with farmers. The D had the longest run of any model of John Deere tractor, the styled and unstyled versions ran from March 1, 1923, until July 3, 1953. In 1939 the popularity of rubber tires was such that the decision to switch the Model D to rubber as standard equipment was made and steel wheels were now an option. The last 92 Model D's were assembled in the roadway beside the plant, and thus are nicknamed "Streeters." Our 1939 John Deere Model D Tractor is beautifully handmade out of tin. It features many intricate details such as rolling wheels, seat, axles, shaft, frame, steering wheel, chimney, radiator, and more. Proudly display this model anywhere you like and it will surely make a conversational piece. A must-have for the collector and enthusiast!

L: 11.5 W: 6 H: 6.5 Inches