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1943 Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar Fighter


This is the 1943 Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar Fighter. 

The Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar was an air superiority fighter designed for the army operations. The aircraft saw action in many battles of the Pacific primarily in support of Japanese ground forces. Unlike many aircraft of the war that has faded into obscurity, the ki-43 has remained prominent today due to its countless appearance in movies, games, and various other art forms as a symbol of Japan’s resilience as the United States pushed closer to Japan mainland. Its service history allows for an engaging conversation piece or simply as a token of a time when battleships ruled the seas. Features a full tin construction, clean paint, rotating propellers, and rolling landing gears. The red painted circles are vibrant, bold, and contrast well against the white body. The engine cooling to very detail with exhaust vents and flaps. It makes for the perfect gift for anyone or as small item to decorate a house. Places it could fit include a table, counter, shelf, or maybe a work desk.

L: 18 W: 14 H: 6 Inches