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Aerial Crane Lifting Helicopter in 1:8 Scale by Old Modern Handicrafts


This is the Aerial Crane Lifting Helicopter in 1:8 Scale by Old Modern Handicrafts. 

This model is the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. This is an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter. Transport helicopters are used to lift heavy loads when other methods are not feasible. For example, getting to the tops of buildings or mountains and hills. This helicopter is powered by two 4,050 shaft horsepower engines. Although this was originally a Sikorsky Aircraft product, Erickson Air-Crane purchased the type certificate and manufacturing rights. Since then, Erickson Air-Crane has become the world’s largest operator of S-64 Aircrane and has made over 1,350 changes to the airframe, instrumentation, and payload capabilities of the helicopter. The Erickson Air-Crane fleet is leased worldwide to organizations, companies, and Federal Government agencies for either short-term or long-term use in fire suppression, civil protection, heavy lift construction, and timber harvesting. This transport helicopter model is almost 40 inches long and 15 inches wide, making this a 1:21 scale. The only assembly needed for this helicopter is putting the three pieces of the propeller together. There are three pieces to the entire propeller and they are stacked on each other and held in with screws and hex nuts. Once the propeller is assembled, slide the entire piece over the top and finally hold it all together with the top piece. Once that is together, the helicopter can be held up as long as the nuts are secured and ready to be suspended. Attach the included cargo and suspend this craft by its built-in chain. Under the cargo, there is an LED light bar to give an even greater aesthetic appeal. The paint job and color scheme on the helicopter gives a strong feel of authenticity. Hang up this model, plug in the cargo and enjoy.

L: 40 W: 30 H: 12 Inches