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Black Vintage Motorcycle by Old Modern Handicrafts


This is the Black Vintage Motorcycle by Old Modern Handicrafts. 

This Black Vintage Motorcycle is known as BMW R75, it is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW. The model is made of 100% iron frame with metal and rolling wheels. The craftsmanship and painted details give more of an authentic look. Other noticeable exterior details include engine, headlights, storage compartment, and the spare wheel are securely welded on. When shipped, the item is packaged with foam inserts banded to pieces of cardboard to keep it held sturdily in place.
• 100% iron frame
• Scale 1:11
• Metal wheels
• Wheels roll
• Includes details such as engine, headlights, and storage compartment.

L: 7 W: 11 H: 8 Inches