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Drakkar Viking L60 by Old Modern Handicrafts


This is the Drakkar Viking L60 by Old Modern Handicrafts. 

This model is simple, but stunning! It is a replica of the Drakkar viking long boat, a classic boat used by the Viking between 7th & 10th century. It looks and feels like a miniature real boat. This 25-inch model is handcrafted with the highest quality woods from scratch by master artisans using “plank on frame” construction, just like real boats. Each model takes more than 50 hours to construct and undergoes a demanding quality-control process. Among the details of this boat model: lines of shields along 2 sides of boats, many wooden oars, colorful viking sail, brass nameplate and stand.

25.0L x 7.0W x 20.0H Inches