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Mercury Atlas Rocket Display Model


This is the Mercury Atlas Rocket Display Model by Old Modern Handicrafts.

Specification: Item# AJ127 - 2.75x2.75x17.75

The Mercury Atlas Rocket stands as an emblem of the United States' pioneering efforts in space exploration during the 1960s. Developed as part of NASA's Project Mercury, this historic rocket was instrumental in launching the initial American astronauts into space. Notably, the Mercury Atlas Rocket was a key component in missions such as John Glenn's historic orbital flight on February 20, 1962, becoming the first American to orbit the Earth aboard the Friendship 7 spacecraft. The successful Mercury Atlas missions marked significant milestones in American space exploration, showcasing the nation's technological advancements and laying the groundwork for future manned spaceflights. The rocket's powerful propulsion and capabilities solidified its place in history, contributing to America's triumphant strides in the space race. 

Explore the cosmos with our meticulously crafted Metal Mercury Atlas Rocket Display Model, a stellar addition to any NASA, space, metal, or scale model collection. Sized at 2.75x2.75x17.75 inches, this miniature spacecraft is a replica of the iconic Mercury Atlas rocket, symbolizing the inception of America's historic space journeys.

Why Choose Our Metal Mercury Atlas Rocket Display Model:

• Precision Engineering: Our model meticulously replicates the smallest details of the actual rocket, offering a cool and accurate representation. Crafted from robust metals, it stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of space exploration.

• Top-Tier Quality: Constructed from high-quality materials, this display model boasts durability and a shiny finish, ensuring its longevity as a centerpiece in your collection of NASA, space, metal, or scale models.

• True-to-Scale Dimensions: Standing at 2.75x2.75x17.75 inches, our model mirrors the exact size and structure of the Mercury Atlas rocket. A must-have for enthusiasts, it captures the essence of the rocket's design and features, encapsulating the excitement of early space missions.

• Space Adventure Unveiled: Every component, from the engines to the guidance systems, is meticulously handcrafted, portraying the significance and thrill of the Mercury Atlas missions. This detailed craftsmanship invites you to relive the excitement of pioneering space exploration.

• Collector's Delight: Tailored for space aficionados and collectors, the Mercury Atlas Rocket Display Model transcends being a mere replica—it stands as a prized collector's edition. Commemorate a pivotal era in space exploration with this standout piece in your NASA, space, metal, or scale model collection.