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1981 Cosworth, Indy Winner, Bobby Unser #3 in 1:18 scale


This is the  1981 Cosworth, Indy Winner, Bobby Unser #3 in 1:18 scale by Replicarz.

The 1981 Indianapolis 500 was won by Bobby Unser driving the #3 Cosworth-powered race car, marking his third victory at the famed event. The car was a Penske PC9B chassis, developed by renowned race car designer, Geoff Ferris, and featured a powerful Cosworth DFX V8 engine. One of the unique features of the Cosworth engine was its compact size and high output, which helped make it a favorite among IndyCar teams. The Penske PC9B was also notable for its advanced aerodynamic design, including a low-slung body and a distinctive "ground effects" underbody that helped improve handling and stability at high speeds. This combination of a potent engine and advanced aerodynamics helped make the #3 Cosworth-powered car a dominant force in the 1981 Indianapolis 500 and a standout in the automotive industry.

These 1:18 scale replicas will be a great addition to any model collection. Models are
hand painted and are made of cast Resin. Photo etched parts, tampo printing and
waterslide decals are used to achieve the clear, crisp detail. Hand Painted and polished.
to a beautiful finish, these models are exceptionally accurate in scale and shape.