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Porsche 916 (chassis n16) in 1:43 scale


This is the Porsche 916 (chassis n16) in 1:43 scale by Schuco.

The Porsche 916 (chassis n16) is a rare gem in the automotive world, known for its unique blend of performance and exclusivity. What sets it apart from its competition is its extremely limited production, with only 11 units ever built. The 916 featured a striking design with its distinctive flip-up headlights and muscular stance, making it an instant head-turner. Under the hood, it was powered by a potent 2.4-liter flat-six engine, delivering exhilarating performance. Its rarity and striking aesthetics have elevated the Porsche 916 to a coveted collector's item, setting it apart as a true icon in the automotive industry, cherished by enthusiasts worldwide.

Excellent quality and finish. Beautifully crafted and exquisitely detailed. Models are hand
painted, decorated and assembled. Beautiful detail and accuracy of shape and scale. Photo
etched parts, die-cutting, tampo printing and waterslide decals are also used. Each model
comes with its own acrylic display case.