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1968 Meyers Manx Buggy in 1:18 scale


This is the 1968 Meyers Manx Buggy in 1:18 scale by Solido.

The 1968 Meyers Manx Buggy is a trailblazing and revolutionary vehicle that left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. Designed by Bruce Meyers, this dune buggy stands out for its distinctive and versatile off-road capabilities. The Meyers Manx was built on a shortened VW Beetle chassis, offering a lightweight and nimble platform that could conquer rugged terrains with ease. Its fiberglass body not only contributed to its lightweight design but also showcased a sleek and iconic look that remains timeless to this day. The unique open-top design, paired with its impressive ground clearance and large off-road tires, made it an unparalleled choice for beach cruising and desert adventures. The Meyers Manx Buggy captured the essence of freedom and adventure, becoming an emblem of the 1960s counterculture and influencing a new wave of recreational off-road vehicles. Its originality and enduring popularity have solidified its status as a cultural icon and a trailblazer in the automotive world.

This exquisite model is hand painted and polished to a beautiful finish.
Other features include:
● Moveable and Steerable Front Wheels
● Accurate and highly detailed Interior and Chassis
● Opening Doors