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1998 Toyota Supra MK 4 in 1:18 scale


This is the 1998 Toyota Supra MK 4 in 1:18 scale by Solido.

The 1998 Toyota Supra MK 4 is an iconic sports car that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide. What sets it apart from its competition is its legendary 2JZ-GTE engine, a twin-turbocharged inline-six powerhouse known for its remarkable durability and tunability. With the ability to produce impressive horsepower figures even in stock form, the Supra MK 4 offers exhilarating acceleration and top-end speed. Its rear-wheel-drive layout and perfectly balanced chassis ensure exceptional handling and agility, making it a joy to drive on winding roads or the racetrack. The Supra MK 4's sleek and aerodynamic design, with its signature pop-up headlights, further adds to its distinctiveness. Its combination of raw power, reliability, and timeless design has solidified the 1998 Toyota Supra MK 4 as an enduring icon in the automotive industry and a highly sought-after classic among performance car enthusiasts.

This exquisite model is hand painted and polished to a beautiful finish.
Other features include:
● Moveable and Steerable Front Wheels
● Accurate and highly detailed Interior and Chassis
● Opening Doors