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2022 Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 No.1 Abu Dhabi GP Max Verstappen in 1:18 scale


This is the 2022 Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 No.1 Abu Dhabi GP Max Verstappen in 1:18 scale

The Car:

    • The RB18 was Red Bull's contender for the 2022 Formula One season, featuring significant aerodynamic changes due to new regulations.
    • It was a competitive car, challenging Mercedes throughout the year and showcasing impressive speed and handling.
    • The No.1 signifies Verstappen's reigning champion status at the time.

The Driver:

    • Max Verstappen, a fierce competitor known for his aggressive driving style and exceptional talent, was behind the wheel.
    • He entered the Abu Dhabi GP level on points with Lewis Hamilton, making it a winner-takes-all situation for the Championship.
    • Throughout the race, Verstappen and Hamilton engaged in a tense battle, exchanging the lead multiple times.

The Race:

    • The Abu Dhabi GP was a dramatic affair, with a late safety car period completely changing the course of events.
    • After the safety car, race officials controversially allowed lapped cars to overtake, putting Verstappen right behind Hamilton with fresh tires.
    • On the final lap, Verstappen capitalized on the advantage and overtook Hamilton to secure his second World Championship title, sparking intense debate and controversy.

The Legacy:

    • The 2022 Abu Dhabi GP remains one of the most dramatic and talked-about races in F1 history.
    • Verstappen's victory solidified his position as a top driver and cemented Red Bull's rivalry with Mercedes.
  • The race also raised questions about race control and decision-making, leading to changes in FIA regulations for 2023.

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