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Matra MS10 No.8 Winner Dutch GP 1968 Jackie Stewart in 1:18 scale


This is the Matra MS10 No.8 Winner Dutch GP 1968 Jackie Stewart in 1:18 scale by Spark.

The Matra MS10 No.8, driven by the legendary Jackie Stewart, clinched victory at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1968, marking a pivotal moment in Formula One history. Jackie Stewart, a Scottish racing icon, showcased his extraordinary talent and precision driving in the innovative Matra MS10. The uniqueness of the 1968 Dutch Grand Prix lay in the adverse weather conditions, with rain creating a challenging and treacherous track. Stewart's victory, in such challenging circumstances, not only highlighted his exceptional skill but also demonstrated the effectiveness of the Matra MS10 in varying weather conditions. This win contributed significantly to Stewart's reputation as the "Flying Scot" and established Matra as a competitive force in Formula One. The 1968 Dutch Grand Prix remains a memorable race, not only for the thrilling competition but also for the exceptional performance of both driver and machine in the face of challenging elements.

These 1:18 scale replicas will be a great addition to any model collection. Models are
hand painted and are made of cast Resin. Photo etched parts, tampo printing and
waterslide decals are used to achieve the clear, crisp detail. Hand Painted and polished
to a beautiful finish, these models are exceptionally accurate in scale and shape .